SES Adds Martin Audio Products For Events, Tours


WINSTON-SALEM, NC – Special Event Services (SES) of Winston-Salem, NC recently purchased 50 Martin Audio CDD-Live enclosures for a variety of applications in the live event and touring segments. Their CDD-Live speakers were first used on “Christmas Wonderland,” a seasonal celebration tour across the country featuring popular Christmas songs, 24 chorus dancers and “the world’s largest floating ice pond” with two championship ice skaters in performance.

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As SES Director of Marketing Ben Glowka points out, “We acquired CDD-Live to provide our clients with as many equipment options as possible. We at SES believe CDD-Live offers our clients a high quality audio product with great sound and exceptional flexibility.”

According to SES Director of Touring Michael Brammer, “The CDD-Lives were deployed in two different ways for the East and West Coast with each tour carrying 12 CDD-Live 12s, 8 CDD-Live 8s and 4 CSX-Live 118 subs. The CDD-Live 12 and CSX-Live 118 were used as the main PA system and deployed according to venue requirements each day, while 6 CDD-Live 8s were used as floor monitors, and 2 CDD-Live 8s were used as front-fill speakers.”

In terms of how the speakers performed on tour, Brammer explains, “CDD-Live exceeded our expectations when it came to audio quality and coverage. Their tonality and output are unrivaled for their size and price point.

“When putting this tour package together, we knew we needed a compact self-powered but high performance and very versatile system, and the CDD-Live series delivered exactly that. They quickly became the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of the tour and adapted to all of the different venues with ease.”

Glowka adds, “Based on their ease of use, audio performance and consistent coverage, SES looks forward to using CDD-Live for a variety of different artists and upcoming tours with leading artists and performers in all styles of music.”,-tours.html

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