UK Indie Rock Band Tours With d&b KSL For More Art, Less Noise

The British indie rock band, Glass Animals, is out on their “Dreamland” tour supported by Special Event Services (SES) with d&b audiotechnik KSL and V-Series loudspeakers. Glass Animals has been making waves in the music industry with their unique concoction of psychedelic pop mixed with synth-pop and indie R&B that brings a new sound that is both innovative and inviting. Their song “Heat Waves” surpassed over1 billion streams on Spotify and reached number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 earlier this year.

“Glass Animals have been an SES client since 2015 and have always been amazing to work with,” states Michael Brammer, CEO, SES.“We couldn’t be happier to see them experiencing such a steep rise in popularity recently.”

Jack Millsaps who is the Systems Engineer on the Glass Animals Tour said, “One of the main reasons behind choosing the KSL was its incredible full-range pattern control. With the KSL being inherently cardioid it reduces the amount of SPL on stage, which, for this band, is very desirable.” Millsaps said when the situation is appropriate depending on the venue, the team uses d&b ArrayProcessing. “The biggest challenge with this tour is the varying size of venue that we play. We have played everything from small clubs to theaters, to large sheds and arenas, so the acoustical circumstances and deployment vary greatly from day to day.”

SL-Series is well-known for its full bandwidth directivity control and extended LF, delivering quiet stages for the artist and maximum art for the audience. Paired with ArrayProcessing, a d&b line array system ensures consistent SPL and tonality from the first row to the last, small venue to large.

The configuration deployed by SES is 24 x KSL8 loudspeakers, 8 x KSL12 for main hangs, 8 x V8 and 12 x V12 loudspeakers, 12 x SL SUBs and 6 x Y10P loudspeakers for front fills powered by 24 x D80 amplifiers. The V-Series main function was for flown side hangs in wide venues. On the days they did not need to fly side hangs, SES used them as a ground stacked out fill.

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PHOTO: Glass Animals Lead Singer Dave Bailey and Drummer Joe Seaward. CREDIT: Geo Soto

Originally posted on on September 13, 2022.

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